My Treehouse Retreat Vision

My dream is to buy a forest smallholding, and build an eco-friendly treehouse retreat centre, just 2 or 3 hours outside of Cape Town. I want to provide a safe space in a beautiful location for retreats, workshops and festivals for people to come and unwind, de-stress and relax. Through alternative healing treatments, such as massage and reiki, yoga and meditation, my vision is to create a centre for body, mind and soul rejuvenation. Having explored the world over many years, I dream of creating a retreat centre where I can be the host instead of the traveller.

The background to my vision

In 2007, I found myself living in a magical little community in the north of Thailand called Pai. Here, I stayed in a tall treehouse on the river while I reflected on my life and took a moment to be still. I started to wonder about the deeper purpose of my life. I started practising yoga, and began studying meditation and other alternative holistic therapies as my consciousness started to expand.

As I continued to travel through Thailand, I was enormously inspired by the rustic beach bungalows, peaceful way of life, yogic lifestyle and conscious healthy way of eating and being.  It was here that my treehouse retreat vision was born, and over the past 10 years I’ve been exploring and researching to grow my dream.

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Janet’s Treehouse Retreat

Janets Planet Treehouse Retreat

Janets Planet Treehouse Retreat