Hatha Yoga classes

Hatha Yoga classes in Muizenberg

Sangha Spot
20 Hansen Road
Muizenberg village, 7945

Every Tues 8h30-09h45am
Every Thurs 6h30-7h45pm

R100/drop in class
R450/5 class card
R640/8 class card

Gentle Stretch, Breathing & Relaxation class

Perfect for Beginners and Seniors

Catholic Church Hall
Top of 6th Ave
Fish Hoek 7975

Every Tues 4h15-5h15pm


NEW Yoga classes in Plumstead

The Stoep Startup Co-working Space
3 Tiverton Road

Every Wed 18h00-19h15pm

Private lessons

R450 per hour (excluding travel costs)

Janets-Planet Yoga Lessons

Sound Journey

Experience a relaxing and healing sound journey in the comfort of your home, using Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, cymbals and sanskrit mantra chanting. Each session is designed to release anxiety, balance the chakras, and renew body, mind and soul, leaving one feeling refreshed, clear and peaceful.

Himalayan singing bowls have been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes in Tibet, India and Nepal. They create a range of sounds to restore the normal vibratory frequencies within the body, mind and spirit. Sounds from the Himalayan singing bowls stimulate the brain to move into Theta wave frequencies that induce deep, meditative and peaceful states, clarity of mind, and heightened intuition. The sound vibrations impact our nervous system, producing deep relaxation and inhibiting the stress or pain response. Himalayan singing bowls’ sounds and vibrations synchronize brain waves and enhance awareness of the mind/body connection.

Janet's Sound Journey

60 minute session- R450 per hour. Book here

Janet's Sound Journey

Janets Planet Yoga