African Djembe drumming

Drumming makes me happy. It energises me and lifts my spirits. This is what I wish to share with people. There is something quite special about bringing a diverse group of people together and uniting them through the rhythmic beat of the drum.

Benefits of drumming:

  • Produces endorphins = feeling of happiness!
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Lowers blood pressure and reduces stress
  • Helps to release negative feelings and emotional trauma
  • Helps us to connect with ourselves and others, creating oneness and unity
  • Grounding, to bring us into the present moment
  • Drumming is fun!


Corporate drumming & social events

Drumming circles are a fun way to bond with colleagues any time of year. It also serves to break up any existing tension or stress in work situations. Drums are also great entertainment at children’s parties and social events.


Drum facilitation fee for corporate team building events:

R1100 per hour (max 10 people)

10-20 people: R1400 per hour

20-30 people: R1600 per hour


10 African Djembe drums are provided: for each extra drum needed, there is a drum hire charge of R30/drum


For parties and social events, please enquire for rates.

Janets Planet drumming

Janets Planet Drumming